Sejarah Singkat Perusahaan :


Our idea for establishing PT. Nobi Putra Angkasa in 1984 because there are no companies in Indonesia which was produced cable ladder and cable tray. It was always imported.


Our firstly main capital was a determination and spirit to be able to produce cable ladders and cable trays by ourselves, which until now the products are still imported. The problems often occurred because the products cannot be precisely engineered. And to fulfil the shortage of products the import process needs 2-3 months for arrangement.


At first PT. Nobi Putra Angkasa is specializing in the production of cable ladders and cable trays. However, in line with the demand and progress of the development in Indonesia, PT. Nobi Putra Angkasa, then took the step to produce panels and assembled equipment for electric components.


We are proud because as an indigenous company, we are trusted in developments of various vital projects of government agencies as the private sector.
It is our hope, that the role of PT. Nobi Putra Angkasa will significantly increase in the Indonesia developments at present and the future.

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