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Manorian Engineering Prakarsa was established in January 1996 as a small Switchboard manufacturer. Since then, Manorian has developed to become one of well known Electrical Switchboard Company which design and build high quality products to suit customer requirements.


We highly valued our commitment with many Contractors and Industrial Customers by providing on time product completion and reliable after sales support/service.

In this new millennium, we have an obligation to design switchboard with safety in mind and competitive price too.


Correspondingly in the competitive industrial field, we are required to design energy saving systems by choosing the right electrical products at the right place with the right price. 


Furthermore, with the rapid progress of semiconductor/telecommunication industries, we have to look at the changes in society itself and our customer needs then educating & training our employees for technical know how to design, to fabricate and to install modern electrical systems.


Our Management aim to become a well known electrical switchboard company, to be flexible to suit our customers’ needs and to contribute valuable things to our lovely nation INDONESIA.


Thank you, for using Manorian as your trustworthy Electrical & Mechanical working partner and supplier.



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