Sejarah Singkat Perusahaan :


High demand in electricity in 1982 gave Mr Handojo inspiration to produce Electrical Switchboard in early 1983, He has start producing it in 60sqm friends’s garage at Pondok Cina together with two labours and Himself. 1985 this business listed legally under the name PT. Jefta Prakarsa Pratama, and using the name JEFTA as the brand of the product.


This name correlated with the name of victorious hero who always keep His promise. Then few years after the workshop moved to Meruya with 200 sqm working space and the business began under motto: “Today should be better than yesterday and tomorrow should be better than today”. In 1991 our marketing office has moved to Jalan Tanjung Selor No 2.


In 1992 we were asked to support PLN KJB for producing a complicated AVR control panel for Ultra High Voltage Transformer 500KV for their crash program project for substation Cibinong and Surnyaragi.


Our Medium Voltage product also collected more references as project MV for Bellagio and for Temposcan factory in Cikarang. In 1995-1996 we had finish our LV switchboard standardization. After crisis 1998 we enlarge our working area up to 3500 sqm and added some more high quality and precision machine with European CNC Turret Punching Machines and CNC auto Servo E-brake Bender Machines.


Under these machines capability and precision, now we are able to support several big projects as Grand Indonesia, Menara BCA, Wisma BCA, BCA Pondok Indah, National Central Bank (BI) Kebon Sirih and Samarinda and also Black Start System MV and its control for Gas Power Plant 2 x 50 MW in Keramasan (Palembang).


In this silver age Jefta making a breakthrough as we are producing switchboard as required abroad to Papua New Guinea and Kenya and other overseas demand. We would like to dedicated some new products as BUSBAR ASSEMBLY (as national pioneer which listed and patented) and independent product development and design for MV panel under Schneider Components. In the future we are about developing some new design as MCC Draw Out system and hole less Main Busbar Swithcboard.

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