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The company was founded as the evolution of cooperation PN Telecommunications and Siemens AG in 1966. This cooperation continues to the formation Factory Telephone and Telegraph (PTT) as part of the LPP Postel in 1968. In 1974, this part of the LPP Postel separated into a Limited Liability Company under the auspices of the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication.

Period 1974-1984 : PT INTI (Persero) was officially established on December 30, 1974, INTI business line includes products radio sonde, Radio High Frequency (HF), Very High Frequency Radio (VHF), telephone and satellite earth station for Domestic Satellite Communication System (SKSD) Palapa.

Period 1985-1998 : Initiated by government plans to undertake digitization of telecommunications infrastructure in Indonesia and appointed as sole supplier INTI Digital Telephone Central Indonesia (STDI) carried out by the Technical and Business Cooperation Agreement (TBCA) with Siemens AG.
Period 1998-2002  : With the end of TBCA with Siemens AG, INTI established itself as a provider of engineering solutions.

Period 2003-2008 : In this era of technology cooperation is no longer concentrated at Siemens, but done in a balanced (multi-principal) with several multinational companies from Europe and Asia.

The period 2009-present : PT INTI (Persero) established steps to enter the business of engineering solutions, system integrators and development of genuine products. Some genuine flagship product of PT INTI include: Smart PBX, GPA, IPUMC, FFWS, I-Perisalah, KWH Meter, and MSAN. As a systems integrator, PT INTI (Persero) focusing on market segments TELCO, CELCO and Private Enterprise. For TELCO market, PT INTI (Persero) initiated the idea Modernization copper access network owned by PT Telkom, Tbk

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