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Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik (SSE) was founded in October 1996 by Shen Chang Electric Co., Ltd (Taiwan) and is a market leader in the design, manufacturing, and testing of 1-phase and 3-phase oil-type distribution transformers up to 20MVA and 33kV. PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik’s technical expertise and remarkable production capacity have allowed Sintra to become one of the top suppliers of transformers for PT. PLN (Persero), Indonesia’s state-owned electric company, and for numerous private sector businesses in Indonesia.


Following decades of successful contribution to the electrical distribution system in Indonesia, PT. Sintra Power Elektrik (SPE) was established in July 2013 as an expansion company of PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik to specialize in the design, manufacturing, and testing of high voltage power transformers up to 100MVA and 150kV. Both of Sintra’s production sites are strategically located in the industrial hub of Lippo Cikarang, West Jawa, Indonesia.


Sintra continues its culture of excellence: we take pride in our exceptional customer service and high-quality transformers. Through years of serving our communities, we have faced a variety of challenges that have expanded our technical knowledge and familiarity with the Indonesian market. With our engineering expertise and abundant experience for both distribution and power transformer products, we are eager and ready to offer tailored solutions to fulfill any of our customers’ electrical needs.


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