Sejarah Singkat Perusahaan :

To our business friends ,

We, PT. Duta Terang Rubberindo , an ISO 9001 company was established in 2012 and has technical support from   DTR Corporation from Korea, a specialist manufacturer of polymer products such as Insulator, and Lightning Arrester, and accessory products related to Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Korean Railroad (KORAIL), and Korean Trail Express (KTX).


We are also under technical assistance agreement from JOONGWON Corporation for distribution lines products such as Recloser , Load Break Switch and pad mounted switchgear.

Also from KJ Dynatech. Inc. Korea for various on-line monitoring systems ( for GIS , Power Transformer and Cables ) , and partial discharges .


Those companies are experts in various fields and support us to produce high-quality products through training , technical transfer, manufacturing capability, and engineering.

Our aim is to supply “ best quality products and services” for every customer and exceed every customer requirements.


We wish to grow the company to contribute to the country and dedicate to the society and always  put ourselves in customer’s position in every aspect .



Give a solution and added value through quality products and services that provide the ability

to consumers to develop performance and meet business needs.


  1. Holding a major role in supporting the electrical system technology in Indonesia and its development.
  2. Provide support for integrated electrical services and solutions development in society.
  3. Developing electrical industry and infrastructure development through cooperation with major suppliers and consumers.
  4. Establish and build long-term relationships with business partners based on trust.
  5. Ensure the stability of the company’s growth and job satisfaction.
  6. Provide service and after sales to customers

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