Sejarah Singkat Perusahaan :

1973 Set-up of Mac Electric Engineering Enterprise to produce LV switchgear
1978 Incorporated as Mac Electric (S) Pte Ltd
1980 Established Soundtex Switchgear & Engineering Works to target the mass public market
1983 Obtained type-tested certifications from SISIR for 1200-3000A switchgear
1991 Obtained ASTA IEC 439 compliance certification for 800-4000A switchgear
1992 Relocation of Soundtex to new 1,711 sq m plant at 15 Senoko Way
  Soundtex manufactured and supplied control panels for refuse chutes and other components for HDB
1993 Successfully launched Form 3 Type-tested main switchgear
1994 Relocation of Mac Electric to new 3,683 sq m factory at 9 Senoko Drive
  Soundtex Switchgear & Engineering Works incorporated as Soundtex Switchgear & Engineering Pte Ltd – Embarked on public sector projects in fields of education, healthcare, defence and boxes for Singapore Cablevision (Telecommunications)
1995 SMB United Industry Pte Ltd incorporated as Group holding company
1996 Conversion to public limited company, renamed SMB United Limited. Listed on Stock Exchange of Singapore (“SES”) , now SGX Mainboard
  Incorporation of SMB United Industries Sdn Bhd for Malaysia switchgear operations; acquisition of 2 storey factory at Senai Johor, Malaysia
1997 Incorporation and acquisition of SMB Switchgear & Engineering Sdn Bhd
  Acquisition of new factory at 17 Senoko Avenue to expand operations
1998 Launched the Fire Alarm Protection System and Over Ground Box
1999 Progressive transfer of manufacturing operations to Malaysia
2000 Acquired Avil Systems and Services Pte Ltd to tap Brunei and East Malaysia markets
  Acquired the Brighten Group for aggressive expansion into Malaysia market
  Technology transfer and licensing agreement signed with Schneider Electric SA to supply Blokset™ Withdrawable switchgear in Singapore
  Creation of SMB Electric Pte Ltd to manage all switchgear activities
2002 Switchgear division introduced i-Cube switchgear system for PowerSignature
  Implemented i-Cube projects for Citibank and HSBC
2003 Development of Withdrawable switchgear systems
  Switchgear Group set up HSBC’s data processing infrastructure in Malaysia
2004 Launched M-Cube, a modular, withdrawable & knockdown switchgear system
2005 Switchgear penetration into the Oil & Gas markets
  Group acquired SMB Harwal Electric Pty Limited – foothold into Australia
2006 Acquired factory at 15 Senoko Avenue, merged with factory at 17 Senoko Ave
  Completed switchgear projects for ST Microelectronics, Credit Suisse and Changi Naval Base
2007 Incorporation of Bridex Harwal Pte Ltd to target Commercial & Residential projects
  Established SMB Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd
  Established SMB Electric Systems Pte Ltd to target data centre market
2008 Switchgear division completed data centre projects for established foreign banks in Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and the Philippines; completed projects for The ION at Orchard, the Straits Trading Building at Battery Road and Jurong Point Development.
2009 Established SMB Electric Industries Pte Ltd to target the offshore & marine, oil & gas markets
2010 Switchgear Group set up in-house test bay station of 1000kW capacity
  Re-launched M-Cube – Complete LV switchboard offerings up to 6300Amps: verification tested to IEC 61439-1, -2
  Bridex Harwal Pte Ltd renamed as SMB Electric Harwal Pte Ltd
2011 M-Cube attains Green Mark certification by Singapore Green Building Council
  Acquired Macquarie Switchboards Pty Ltd and renamed as SMB Macquarie Electric Pty Ltd
2012 SMB United Limited was taken over by Osaki Electric Co., Ltd, a company listed in Japan’s  Tokyo Stock Exchange, and renamed as Osaki United International.
  All switchgear companies under SMB Electric Pte Ltd, together with Bridex Singapore Pte Ltd were integrated into SMB Electric Switchgear Division under the umbrella of Osaki United International Pte Ltd.>
2013 Brighten Switchboard Builders relocated to newly acquired manufacturing facility in Kulaijaya, Johor to focus on local switchgear sales in Malaysia.
  SMB Switchgear & Engineering assumed full control of manufacturing plant in Senai, Johor to serve as manufacturing base to supply metal enclosures to all SMB subsidiaries.
2014 SMB’s expansion into Indonesia market – acquired a new manufacturing facility in Cikarang, Jakarta. Established PT. SMB Electric Indonesia.
  Fuji Electric Co., Ltd fully acquired SMB Electric and all it subsidiaries from Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
2015 SMB Electric Pte Ltd renamed as Fuji SMBE Pte Ltd.
  SMB Electric Systems Pte Ltd renamed as Fuji SMBE Systems Pte Ltd
  SMB Electric Industries Pte Ltd renamed as Fuji SMBE Industries Pte Ltd
  SMB Electric Harwal Pte Ltd renamed as Fuji SMBE Technology Pte Ltd
  SMB Switchgear & Engineering Sdn Bhd renamed as Fuji SMBE Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
  Brighten Switchboard Builders Sdn Bhd renamed as Fuji SMBE Brighten Sdn Bhd
  SMB United Industries Sdn Bhd renamed as Fuji SMBE Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  SMB Electric Harwal Pty Ltd renamed as Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd
  SMB Electric Macquarie Pty Ltd renamed as Fuji SMBE Macquarie Pty Ltd
  PT. SMB Electric Indonesia renamed as PT. Fuji SMBE Indonesia
  Bridex Singapore Pte Ltd renamed as Fuji Bridex Pte Ltd
  Bridex Australia Pty Ltd renamed as Fuji Bridex Australia Pty Ltd
  Fuji SMBE Group subsumed under Fuji Electric’s Power Electronics Business Group.


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