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PT. Limaputra Vilindo was founded in 1994 in an area of 15.000 M2 in Modern Industrial Area Cikande, Banten, Indonesia. Currently, the area had already been established a factory that produces electrical equipment belonging PT. Limaputra Vilindo, while the headquarters of PT. Limaputra Vilindo is now located in the region Cikini, Central Jakarta.

At first the main products of PT. Limaputra Vilindo is produced solely kWh meter at the factory which has a production capacity  of 3.000.000 units per year and production of 6.000.000 units MCB Pert APP and the supply box. PT. Limaputra Vilindo prioritize reliability as wll as continuity to cultivate the quality of design and enginering in harmony with progress and technology demands,. Soon after the success of the kWh meter factory, PT. Limaputra Vilindo has expand its business in other field including ; engineering, property, and construction.

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